What would you say are important traits to do well as a Specialist at Apple?

Some of the skills that are pertinent to the position include compassion, ease in communication, and team building. Apple is very much about the people and compassion for helping others is at the core of Apple structure within the team and with customers. Specialists should expect to work in a k...
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Would you recommend Apple as a company to kickstart my career?

I would say Apple is a great place to kickstart a career! It’s inarguably an extremely well established company that has an unparalleled focus in user-centered design within technology. Apple cares about keeping design beautiful, simple, and intuitive so that there isn’t a steep learning curve. I...
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Tips for a customer-facing role interview at Apple?

Before an interview, remember that in this role you will be the voice and sometimes face of Apple Inc. so it’s important to show the interviewer that you can communicate well. If you have customer service experience, this will help. If not, just remember that you must always be professional NO MA...
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I'm trying to see if it's worth it to be an intern at Apple--thoughts?

I personally enjoyed the amount of freedom that I had to do literally anything that I wanted. Fundamentally, there are no guidelines, as long as you're able to outline and execute an action plan to validate your ideas, you're generally free to do whatever you want, as long as it's not TOO crazy h...
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How much ownership over my work will I get at Apple?

Ultimately your test lead approves your final reporting and your manager is responsible for the quality of the work your team puts out. You are still responsible for all test and projects you manage, and are expected to be able to update all teams on the status of a project weekly. This helps eve...
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In what ways have being a Specialist contributed to Apple's mission?

Apple constantly strives to create an ecosystem where one can achieve their passions; to allow people to dare to be greater, be creative, to invent. As a Specialist, you would seek to inspire the customer. A lot of people already have these powerful devices, but never knew they could produce musi...
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How likely is it that Apple offers me a return offer after working as a Technical Advisor?

You can turn any part-time Apple position into a full-time position so long as the timing is right and you’ve showcased a great work ethic. Apple employees are passionate not only about the products, but about life and helping others embrace new technologies. If that messages with your core, goin...
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How am I able to turn my internship at Apple into a full-time offer?

Make your self valuable by getting involved. Make friends with all levels of employees. Take part in cross team activities and most importantly get the job done. set targets for every day, meet them. Keep a good channel of communication with your manager. Don't be afraid to ask for help. but if ...
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What did you think of Apple's culture if you have worked or still are working there?

The culture is interesting, and probably one of the most notable qualities that sets Apple apart from other companies. Keep in mind, there are definitely two distinctive cultures at play: retail and corporate. There are common threads between the two, but ultimately, retail is going to be a diffe...
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What does it take to succeed at Apple?

Apple has a culture of extreme attention to detail. No detail is too trivial. So even as an intern you need to be thorough with your work. You won’t be micro-managed so make sure you manage your time well and regularly seek feedback from your manager and mentors about how you’re doing. Keep mee...
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Is there a training program Technical Advisors at Apple go through, or is it more learn on the job?

Each Apple Care Advisor goes through extensive training to ensure that they know every detail about the device that they will be providing service for as well as good communication practices and strategies to get through difficult or demanding conversations. They prepare you very well for the jo...
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How does the day to day life vary for Apple interns?

Well, you walk into the office between 8-11am (nice grace period here lol) and grab a snack from the mini kitchen (candy, fruits, granola bars, cereal, trail mix, etc.) and head over to your desk. You then open up your emails and look at the important stuff, especially the logs from the automated...
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Any insight into what the compensation at Apple looks like? Both for interns and full-times?

I was paid 15/hr for a part time specialist. It fluctuates a little for each person but overall it’s a pretty great pay for a part time job! I will also warn you that you will be expected to work about 5 days a week and definitely every weekend. It will definitely interfere with your work/life ba...
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For a Sales Specialist at Apple, what does their training program look like?

My training was a little different. I was working inside Best Buy for two years with a focus on Apple products. So when I got the job it was a smoother transition. However there’s a standard employee training in Cupertino about the company. Then I got hands on training with another Sales Speciali...
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Does Apple have mentorship programs in place for non-interns?

Talking about the corporate roles, they don't have mentorship program but a buddy is assigned so that you get habituated with the work and the company culture.
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What were the pros and cons of working at Apple's retail or support department?

There are two sides to this (product specialist - sales person / service specialist - Genius Bar help). I started off as a product specialist and really liked it because of my overall liking for the company, I really liked the products and enjoyed sharing a lot of their features with other people...
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What does a regular day in the life look like for a Home Advisor at Apple?

An AppleCare At-Home Advisor fields calls from Apple customers about various issues. As an advisor you’ll resolve issues ranging from software mishaps and troubleshooting, like setting up iCloud or erasing a device or changing passwords, hardware: cracked screens, charging issues, battery issues....
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What are some valuable skills that Apple will find valuable in a Technical Advisor?

You have to be intuitive. You’re solving problems without seeing the device in person so you have to understand with limited information given from customers and you have to be able to relay information to them in a way they can understand. It’s metric based so you have to be able to multitask.
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How's the work-life balance for someone not in a technical role at Apple?

Apple has by far the most flexible scheduling ever. Should you work part-time, you have complete control over what days you work. In the summer, I open my availability, but as the school semester begins, I can inform my managers of such and we make a new schedule that allows for me to be academic...
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How's the culture like at Apple?

The very same culture that motivated me to apply to Apple is what I experienced working there. Everyone is incredibly passionate about what they do and cares about the small details. The interns and coworkers are friendly and plan a ton of evening and weekend adventures. There’s a club for almost...
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