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Do you communicate a lot with your upper management team at the Amazon Fulfillment Centers?

Management has always been awesome in every location I have worked. Whenever you have a question, just ask! That's why they are standing around working right along with everyone, they don't hide in an office. They always try to make sure you have what you need for your job.
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What does a typical day look like working for Amazon Fulfillment?

I worked at the Lenexa, KS warehouse in the summer of 2017, so if you work in another facility your experiences might be different. My shifts were 4 hours long, five days per week. I was able to set my own schedule, but there are many opportunities to pick up extra shifts if you need to work more...
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Did anyone start working at any of Amazon's Fulfillment centers during college? What motivated you to apply vs. a part-time job on campus?

I worked at amazon during my time at San Jose State because the hours were very manageable with my school schedule. I worked the graveyard shift: (Thursday- Sunday: 9 P.M - 2 A.M). They also give you a amount of hours per quarter (approx 3 months) where you can miss work. This can be very useful ...
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What's the hourly wage that you got working at an Amazon Fulfillment warehouse?

Picker like me that works part time I earn $16 per hour they pay for my dental and vision insurance I only work Saturday and Sundays from 7:30 am to 6pm. Full time start $11 every 6 month they get raised they also get insurance they have to pay like $30 something dollars but is worthed is really...
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There's a role at Amazon called "Problem Solver", what exactly does that entail?

The reason I became a trainer was because I love to learn, teach and train. As an associate of Fulfillment Center I worked with production rates. That's the first step to develop new skills. While working to achieve production rates , I took time to help newcomers with techniques and answered ...
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Was it a tough interview process to get hired for a fulfillment role at Amazon Fulfillment?

To work at Amazon as a Fulfillment Associate there is no real interview process. While doing the online application they have questions that is like a personality test to see if you’d be a good fit. If they like your answers they invite you in for a drug test, if you pass the drug test they invit...
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How's the work environment like your Amazon Fulfillment center?

The culture at Amazon can be difficult to describe. But truthful based on my own experience with the warehouse I worked in, the culture was welcoming. They cared about you as an individual and as a team. There's even nights where we have raffle and game hours to relax and distress.
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For an Operations Manager at Amazon, is it more than just managing people?

You work directly with associates and make sure they are meeting productivity goals. You work with one or two departments. I had over 200 associates under me.
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How did you think working at one of Amazon's Fulfillment centers contributed to their end goals?

You will be responsible for sorting the packages that come through the facility and make sure everything is prepared for shipment. If the facility is unable to process the required daily amount packages will be delayed.
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Before I apply for a "Package Handler" role at Amazon, can any past or current employee talk about what they do?

A package handler sorts packages that comes from the delivery truck. A typical day include the delivery truck coming to the warehouse and they dump all the packages in a bin. There are workers who place the packages to be taken to the sorting machine. Once there, another person divides the packag...
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What would you say are the pros and cons of working at one of Amazon's Fulfillment Centers?

Pay was higher than minimum wage. The physical work isn't that bad, your back might end up a little sore for the first week or so, but after that I was never in pain from anything. Just make sure to lift heavy stuff using your legs, not your back. I disliked that I could not wear headphones and ...
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