Altair Engineering, Inc.

What's a day in the life like for someone in a technical writer intern position at Altair Engineering?

Relatively flexible hours, allowed 1 remote day a week at least, as many sick days off as needed (within reason), a nice, relaxed workplace where deadlines won't kill anyone. As work goes, I would be editing and creating tutorial videos, writing in XML or an authoring tool to create instructions ...
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How well is a written communication major going to prepare someone for a technical writer internship at Altair Engineering?

Extremely well. My Media Studies and Journalism Major did a great deal as well. But from my written comm major, I used instructional design and organization skills, consulting and debate skills (for when I needed to argue my side of things and talk with others around the company), and a wide vari...
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If anybody's familiar with the company culture at Altair Engineering, are you willing to share your thoughts on it?

Company culture is quite laid-back actually. Deadlines are usually not a huge deal, which is a con for some, but you can just keep your personal deadlines in check. Most people are nice, some are a bit more super-intellectual and are harder to interact with, but I didn't find anyone to be outrigh...
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Is work-life balance possible when working as a technical writer intern at Altair Engineering?

Work-life balance is always considered there. They have an in-house masseuse, yoga most mornings, exercise classes in the early evening, a company-wide activity almost every month - the list goes on. Once again, I was able to work remote once a week as well, and could have done more if I needed.
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I want my technical writer internship to be successful while I'm at Altair Engineering, so what skills might help me out?

You need to be thoughtful. Put your ideas forth and don't be a wimp, as you'll receive lots of tough feedback, challenge to your ideas, and many opportunities to do as you see fit. This is not a workplace for sheep, lazy folk, or over-confident people. It also helps to know what you're doing and ...
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