Air Force Civilian Service - Contract Specialist

Aerospace Engineer Research Assistant

May - August 2022 • Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

What I liked

I liked the teaching aspect that my mentor incorporated. He spent a lot of time teaching me processes and points about his job that he found useful and applicable. He also, along with others in the branch showed me resources on which I could use at home to learn further, such as OpenVSP ground school. The environment was very casual and laid back as you can tell the conceptual thought that was being put forward.

What I wish was different

I wish the Covid restrictions were less. As an unvaccinated person, I was meant to test weekly and wear a mask. Also being on a mezzanine level of the building, temperature got a little toasty in the summer. Also the sad fact that there was no water refilling station but that was easily solved by bringing multiple water bottles and cooler.


One piece of advice I would share would be to learn as much as possible. They throw a lot of resources at you so just starting and jotting down notes here and there is helpful. Even if you don't exactly understand it, something may stick that will show up in a future class and you already have a jump on it. Learning from professionals is priceless. Ask questions as well.
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