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At 3M, our 93,000 employees do work that matters, applying our science in ways that make a positive impact on people’s lives around the globe. And that work is accomplished through close collaboration with smart, curious and motivated 3Mers in 87 countries.

Our company’s vision:

• 3M technology advancing every company.

• 3M products enhancing every home.

• 3M innovation improving every life.

In one of our 10 university-focused programs, you’ll have the opportunity to work with world -class experts and gain invaluable experience to start off your career right. Here, you’ll discover an inclusive culture and have the chance to collaborate with other curious, creative minds. We work to reflect the diversity of our global customers, suppliers and channel partners, and build on each individual employee’s abilities and backgrounds. Your opportunities at 3M are endless.


Labratory Technical Aid

March 2021 - September 2021 Maplewood, MN
“I was able to get hands-on experience in an industrial business lab that supplied masks all over the world. I also got to work under one of the main researchers there and aid him in his research and lab work.”

Packaging Solutions Co-op Intern

June 2022 - November 2022 Woodbury, MN
“It was a wonderful opportunity to learn! It was great to learn about a variety of different kinds of packaging, from consumer-facing packaging to packaging for dangerous goods. ”
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Questions & Answers

How much prepping should I do before interviewing for a materials science research and development internship at 3M?

Internship +5

I getting ready for an Interview at 3M Regulatory Affairs and am wondering what questions I would need to be prepared for when called upon as well as advice on how to answer these questions. Also, am wondering what background should I have as well as questions I should ask them at the end.

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