Zota Beach Resort

Front Desk Receptionist

April 2019 • Longboat Key, FL

What I liked

Understanding management in regard to scheduling, laidback atmosphere. Overall, not bad place to work.

What I wish was different

Workload tends to be uneven-- some employees are tolerated despite multiple infractions or warnings. Commute can be difficult due to traffic, but that's not the resort's fault! This is the second hotel company (first being Shaner Hotel Management) that has phony holiday pay-- they DO NOT pay time and a half-- it's some convoluted system designed to screw over those who work holidays. Even management doesn't understand it. I find this unethical, although this is the responsibility of the corporate team, not the local staff.


It's the hotel industry-- do not expect holidays off, and do not expect great benefits packages. People stress job loyalty, but in my opinion, in lower-paying positions, do your job and do it well, and move on when a better opportunity presents itself. Staying too long will result in burnout-- something which I see daily in my older coworkers. Also-- ask plenty of questions, and do your background research. I wish I had known about the holiday pay situation (although, I do think I remember them telling me it was time and a half-- if that's the case, they lied) before I applied.
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