About ZoomInfo

For over a decade, ZoomInfo has helped companies achieve their most important objective: profitable growth. Backed by the world's most comprehensive B2B database, our platform puts sales and marketing professionals in position to identify, connect, and engage with qualified prospects.

Our mission is to provide every company with a 360-degree view of their ideal customer, empowering each phase of their go-to-market strategy and driving their ability to hit their number.

At ZoomInfo we encourage creativity, value innovation, demand teamwork, expect accountability and cherish results. If you are an individual who takes charge, takes initiative, and gets stuff done, you will fit right in! We have high aspirations for the company and are looking for the right people to help fulfill the dream. We strive to continually improve every aspect of the company and use cutting edge technologies and processes to delight our customers and rapidly increase revenues.


Sales Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Waltham, MA
“I loved the overall Work culture and environment at ZoomInfo. Day in and day out my colleagues were there to help me and lead me in the right direction for sucess. The experience itself was very beneficial as I learned many new things and added tons of new skills. ”
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