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We provide academic support for students grades 6-12, primarily in the Rochester Community Schools district, for Math, SAT/ACT, English, Spanish, and Science support. We tutor both in our office in Rochester Hills as well as remotely via Zoom.

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September 2023 Rochester Hills, MI
“I love my job at Zara Tutoring. Tom is an extremely kind, caring, and responsible boss who caters towards his employees needs and schedules. He will step in and handle any issues at any time of the day. I also very much appreciate that the workload is whatever you would like it to be, meaning you can choose the days and hours you would like to work. The students and their families are always very respectful and appreciative as well. My time so far at Zara Tutoring has been nothing short of the most ideal college student job!”

Academic Tutor

June 2022 Rochester, MI
“I have had a great experience working for Zara tutoring. I have felt supported throughout my time working at Zara Tutoring. Seeing the way students thrive with the extra support we provide is makes this job great. I would recommend working for Zara Tutoring. As someone who has been tutoring for many years, I appreciate the way Zara Tutoring is set up. The scheduling of students is very organized and easy to work with. The office works great to facilitate learning. I have had a very good experience working here.”
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