Yspaniola Incorporated

About Yspaniola Incorporated

Yspaniola is a 501c(3) organization based in Batey Libertad, Dominican Republic, a community primarily comprised of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian Descent. Our K-12 educational programs and University Scholarship Program address an unmet need in the country and focus on literacy and critical thinking. We strive to ensure that our students receive an empowering and equitable education.


Operations and Development Fellow

August 2018 Esperanza, Valverde Province
“I have had a great experience working as an Operations and Development Fellow (through Princeton in Latin America) at Yspaniola. The organization is a small nonprofit based in Batey Libertad, a community primarily comprised of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent. Yspaniola runs supplementary educational programs for local students that are focused on literacy and critical thinking. As a fellow, I've been able to work on a wide variety of projects such as grant writing, donor outreach, social media, and reading hour. My supervisors provide me with extensive professional development opportunities and encourage me to take the initiative to expand my skillset. I highly recommend volunteering with Yspaniola to students or graduates who are interested in familiarizing themselves with international development and nonprofit administration while engaging in cultural immersion. ”
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