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About Youth Health Associates

We understand that we have a great responsibility and duty, not only to our residents, but also to their families and communities. We are dedicated to providing the very highest level of professional treatment and we believe that this treatment has the potential to affect lives for the positive, both inside and outside of our facilities.

We view each of our residents as a person of infinite worth. We are committed to their welfare and growth. We strive to help them form healthy identities. We work to ensure the safety of others through the prevention of future offenses.

YHA is a clinically driven program motivated by the Restorative Justice Model and the standards of treatment and practices put forth by the Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS). Every decision we make is founded on our guiding principles of integrity, respect, consistently, and safety. We continually base and craft our treatment model on the most up-to-date empirical research in our field and we demand that our processes and treatment are supported by factual data and results.

Our programs offer spacious, home-like settings to assist adolescents through the issues which have caused emotional problems for themselves and their families. Our residents can expect individualized clinical services, competitive recreation, and experiential opportunities with supportive and professional staffing. To help ensure the finest personalized care, no YHA facility exceeds more than 16 beds.


Youth Mentor

December 2018 Clearfield, UT
“I loved how flexible my job was. Especially with my classes and football schedule ”
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