Pricing Analyst

July - October 2020 • Overland Park, KS

What I liked

I liked the projects I worked on and the technical skills I used that are transferable to any job. I worked with smart people who are willing to share their experience and expertise and to help out with questions. Also, I liked 5 min commutes!

What I wish was different

Wish they had a more structured internship program. It probably looked different from their past internship program due to Covid 19, but I think they could have provided a better internship experience if they arranged a few virtual events and training for interns.


If you are interviewing for this position, ask what they will offer for interns over the summer, what type of projects will be given, what kinds of software experience you will gain, etc. Be specific on what you want to get out with and they will try their best to put you in the right place with the right people.
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