About Wyman

During the transition from childhood to adulthood, youth face rapid physical, mental, emotional and social changes. Navigating adolescence can be challenging for all, especially for youth living in disadvantaged circumstances.

That’s why Wyman empowers teens, equips adults, and strengthens systems to create more equitable opportunities for all teens. Through Wyman programs, young people create consistent, positive relationships with adults who help them build skills, develop a positive sense of self, and make healthy connections with others and the community. They become leaders, focus on the future, and give back.

We work to build the capacity of adults and communities to empower future generations. Our proven solutions enable them to build the strengths of young people. Wyman’s training helps adults learn how to constructively recognize, utilize and enhance the strengths of young people. Our training reinforces a holistic approach to youth development, in contrast to interventions that focus on single problems. In addition, we work to increase the effectiveness of the field by capturing and analyzing data, then sharing practices that can ignite innovation across the nation.



June 2019 - August 2019 Eureka, MO
“Very nice staff, fun location, easy duties”
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