Wylie ISD

Special Education Paraprofessional

June - August 2020 • Abilene, TX

What I liked

I work already as a Special Education Paraprofessional with Wylie ISD. This was an extra opportunity to work with a student that I already work with throughout the school year, but on a 12 week, half day one on one. Just the teacher, student and I. I loved it as I was able to form a more personal bond with her, she is non verbal, and quite combative at times. We did tasks for rewards and she responded great. Rewards being things like going to the park or for ice cream at the end of the week. It was awesome and has made a big difference in the classroom .

What I wish was different

I wish it had been a fuller day. It was to short Monday-Thursday 830 to 1130. I would have liked to do lunch and some other things early afternoon. And that all of our students get to experience a more one on one relationship. I wish I had more opportunities to be with students out of the classroom, and into just life.


If you love what you do, take any opportunity offered to expand your knowledge and experiences. It can really make a difference.
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