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The ASL is a contract research organization that emphasizes multidisciplinary research activities in the physical sciences and engineering to undertake a broad range of applied S&T projects for government agencies and corporations, including technology transfer for commercial applications. ASL’s research focus is on solving challenging problems related to energy, national security, and advanced materials and sensors. The scientific underpinnings to address the multidisciplinary challenges involve chemistry, physics materials science, mechanics of materials, and computational modeling and simulations. Although the Applied Sciences Laboratory (ASL) is an integral part of the Institute for Shock Physics (ISP), the ASL research portfolio is significantly broader with a strong emphasis on applications and corporate partnerships.

The ASL combines the creativity of academic research with the agility and customer focus of industry. As such, it is well suited for creative and entrepreneurial individuals who enjoy solving multidisciplinary problems that can have a broad impact, and have an interest in technology transfer.


Technical Assistant (Software Engineer)

June 2018 Spokane, WA
“This specific position allowed me to see the process of developing software for a real client from start to finish. All stages of development were touched upon and so I had a great time exploring what I would like to focus on moving into the industry (design, development, testing, etc).”
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