About WorldAware

WorldAware is the premier integrated risk management company focused on empowering clients with the best intelligence and insights available to operate globally with confidence. Our innovative solutions enable multinational organizations to prepare for, monitor and respond to potential threats to their people, facilities, suppliers and information.

Our Mission

We are committed to our clients as their indispensable partner providing tailored risk management solutions on a common platform for operational success.

Our Vision

We strive to enable multinational organizations to see and approach risk differently, setting a new standard for how they operate globally.

Our Integrated Risk Management Approach

Our integrated risk management approach is a continuous, proactive and systematic process to understand, manage and communicate risks from an organization-wide perspective. It is about making strategic decisions that enable your organization to experience the upside of risk.


Intel Support

January 2019 Annapolis, MD
“Being able to finally learn more about the intel side of a risk management company. I was able to work with many employees at different sites in the US and across the globe.”

Customer Management

May 2018 Annapolis, MD
“Being able to experience a "real world" job”
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