World Citizen Government / World Service Authority

Information Department Specialist

August 2017 • Washington, DC

What I liked

Working at the World Service Authority I had a very hands-on experience and was very involved in daily operations in the office. I learned a lot about non-profit office work such as how to deal with clients, how to draft emails, and how to manage data entry systems.

What I wish was different

Due to the time that I entered into my position, the office was very busy, meaning that I did not get to learn everything all at once. Although it was occasionally frustrating to learn as I went, it also forced me to learn by applying the skills and taught me how to be more adaptive to new situations.


Don't be afraid to go outside of the stereotypical standard internship experience! Try to find something different to learn more about something unique. You can always do another internship in another semester if one doesn't meet your expectations. Don't be afraid of working in a smaller organization, this is where you'll get the most hands-on experience.
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