Working to Give, LLC

About Working to Give, LLC

“The success of our company is not based upon how much we make, but how much we are willing to give away.” This is the principal in which our founder, Matthew Holguin, has built Working to Give around. Working to Give is a for profit company that reinvests 50% into the company and the other 50% is given away to help men and women reach their God given potential. Working to Give’s operations are based in Downtown Disney, Anaheim as California Churro, Calipop Popcorn, Cotton Candy Creations, and Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs. You read that right! You’ll be interning for a company that is transforming the way for-profits and non-profits integrate and you’ll be doing it at the happiest place on earth! Downtown Disneyland!


Social Media Intern

September 2018 Anaheim, CA
“Love the organziation and the mission of the company. Learning how to operate and run social media for a large paltform was great experience and something I love doing. ”
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