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WPI educates talented individuals in engineering, science, management, and humanities in preparation for careers of professional practice, civic contribution, and leadership, facilitated by active lifelong learning. This educational process is true to the founders' directive to create, to discover, and to convey knowledge at the frontiers of academic inquiry for the betterment of society. Knowledge is created and discovered in the scholarly activities of faculty and students ranging across educational methodology, professional practice, and basic research. Knowledge is conveyed through scholarly publication and instruction.


Undergraduate Researcher

June 2021 - August 2021 Worcester, MA
“I liked the independence of doing my own research after learning how to perform all the relevant tests I needed.”


May 2021 - July 2021 Worcester, MA
“I loved the design of the program. We had career/ personal development sessions and a design competition between the interns.”
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Questions & Answers

Going to be interviewed for a document translator job at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, what do I need to know ahead of time?

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I don't know much about a document translator role, especially at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, so what might work day look like?

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Getting prepared to interview for a research assistant position at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, so what information should I know ahead of time?

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