Woodman's Food Market

About Woodman's Food Market

Being an employee-owned business, Woodman’s is quite different from large corporate grocery or big box stores. We believe in our employees and look to them for innovative ideas that advance our company’s growth. Many of our employees have long tenure at Woodman’s because of the excellent benefits, competitive salary and exceptional working conditions.

Woodman’s employees who have worked over 3 years at the company become vested in the company through issuance of company stock. As an employee owned company, Woodman’s devotes itself to having the best employee compensation and benefits in the industry.

With excellent benefits, comfortable work environments, potential for advancement and employee ownership, Woodman’s may be a perfect employer for you. Download an employment application today and begin pursuing a career that will pay dividends for years to come.


Grocery Store Bagger

June 2020 - July 2020 Janesville, WI
“They really care about their workers. They will protect you from dangerous customers. All the employees were very friendly and easy to get a long with. Everyone there is a hard worker.”


May 2018 Altoona, WI
“Able to work on my own”
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