Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

About Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center

Founded in 1971, Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center was the first environmental learning center in the nation to be accredited as a K-12 school and is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in environmental education.

During the school year, more than 15,000 children, teachers and parent chaperones head to our campus to have their own adventure in learning. Our students come from all over, from more than 165 schools in communities across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin because of our unique location – located south of the Boundary Waters and overlooking the North Shore of Minnesota’s Lake Superior.

Our broad spectrum of year-round environmental and outdoor learning programs for children, families, seniors and college students serve an additional 3,000 people each year, including our Summer Camps, Family Programs, Wilderness Trips, and Ecology Credit Camps.

Our mission: “To develop a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, motivation and commitment to work together for a quality environment.”

Fostering awareness, curiosity and sensitivity to the natural world
Providing lifelong learning experiences in nature
Developing social understanding, respect and cooperation
Modeling values, behaviors and technologies which lead to a sustainable lifestyle
Promoting the concepts of conservation and stewardship

Wolf Ridge is a place where minds open to the joy and wonder of discovery of our natural world. We seek to stimulate a love and understanding of nature by involving children and adults in direct observation of and participation in the outdoors. We promote self-awareness and leadership development in the process.

Activities and classes at Wolf Ridge are nearly all outdoors, typically three hours in length. Over fifty different classes and activities are available. Class subjects include environmental science, cultural history, contemporary environmental issues, personal growth, team building and outdoor recreation.

In environmental education, the outdoors is the classroom – and ours is spectacular. Located on a ridge overlooking Lake Superior, Wolf Ridge’s 2,000 acre campus is bordered by the Baptism River and features creeks, two lakes, two high peaks, 18-miles of trail and a mixed forest of maple, birch and spruce. Wildlife is abundant and includes pine marten, eagles, moose, black bear, white-tailed deer, fox, wolves, beaver, peregrine falcons and loons. Facilities include four classroom buildings, two dormitories, a dining hall, a raptor aviary, a library, two auditoriums, two rock-climbing walls, two outdoor ropes courses and an administration building.


Naturalist, Farmhand, and Animal Care Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Finland, MN
“The chance to explore a variety of positions within a field I’m interested in helped me to narrow down my career interests. Wolf Ridge is a wonderful place with supportive staff and great programming. ”

Animal care and education

June 2019 - August 2019 Finland, MN
“I got to work with fish, a red eared slider, great horn owl, red-tailed hawk, American kestrel, raven, a mouse, two little brown bats, a porcupine, a chipmunk, a spotted salamander, bullsnake, and a tree frog. I also got to do bird banding each week along with two cases of peregrine falcon banding and one night of hummingbird banding. Lastly, I got to create my own lessons for a whole week of Wildlife Camp.”
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