Wolf Park

About Wolf Park

Wolf Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to wolf conservation, and education through observational and cognitive research. Wolf Park would like to extend its programs to the students of handshake, offering a variety of capstone and internship opportunities ranging from non-profit management to animal care and behavior. We are home to a wild canid collection of wolves, coyotes, and foxes, and 15 free-range bison. After almost 40 years in existence, Wolf Park continues to be one the most highly respected captive wolf facilities in the world, and attracts students of all ages to seminars, educational series, and hands-on experiences protecting and caring for these essential predators.



May 2019 - August 2019 Battle Ground, IN
“Experience in a lot of different areas in the animal world. I was able to touch and build a relationship with animals that I wouldn't be able to at other places. They taught us so much.”
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