WKW Extrusion Bowers Manufacturing Company

About WKW Extrusion Bowers Manufacturing Company

Bowers Manufacturing is an high end aluminum extrusion manufacturing company that makes products for Herman Miller, BMW, Mercedes Benz, among others. Yearly revenue from industrial manufacturing is about $50 million dollars but now we are now a part of a 1 billion dollar a year German owned auto company, WKW Erbslöh Automotive. In North America, we have a site in Portage with about 500 employees that has existed for over 40 years. There is a lot of opportunity if you join the company now as we are actively growing our departments and developing and installing new technology.


Quality Engineer

May 2018 Portage, MI
“Flexible work schedule that worked around my course work and personal life while providing great manufacturing and quality experience!”

Industrial Engineering Intern

February 2018 Portage, MI
“It is very hands on in the industry and I was given large amounts of responsibility to handle for the engineering department ”
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