Wisconsin Early Autism Project

About Wisconsin Early Autism Project

With over 20 years of clinical research and practice, Wisconsin Early Autism Project is a world-renowned leader in early comprehensive behavioral treatment for young children with autism.

WEAP's programs have reached across Wisconsin, the United States, and other continents to touch the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Our curriculum has helped thousands of young kids make dramatic progress and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our programs use our research-proven curriculum and positive reinforcement to keep learning fun. We focus on the fundamental areas of learning first: attention, listening skills, play and imitation, and beginning communication. As children progress, programs expand to incorporate many more areas of learning and a wide variety of skills. Relationship building is a critical component of every program and starts from the very first session.

We ensure that every child feels successful and enjoys learning by constantly adapting, individualizing, and building on strengths. The goal of our entire treatment program is to help children with ASD learn new skills fast enough to catch up with other children.

Welcome to WEAP. Welcome to hope.


Behavioral Treatmeant Technician

March 2019 Brookfield, WI
“Working with kids and building relationships, witnessing many accomplishments ”

Behavioral treatment technician

January 2018 Brookfield, WI
“Great hours and awesome people”
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