Wisconsin Department of Children & Families

About Wisconsin Department of Children & Families

The mission of the Department of Children and Families is to promote the economic and social well-being of Wisconsin's children and families. The Department is committed to protecting children, strengthening families, and building communities. Our five overarching goals are: 1.Children are nurtured, safe and engaged 2.Enhance prevention and early intervention efforts throughout Wisconsin 3.Families will have access to quality early care and education 4.Parents will secure and maintain meaningful jobs 5.Fathers will be more engaged in the lives of their children.


Licensing Specialist

July 2019 Madison, WI
“I learned so much about licensing day cares, family cares and day camps. I witnessed that the Department truly cares for the welfare, safety and health of children, and their goal is to protect children from any type of harm. This internship provided me with so much knowledge about the operations of a State agency, and I am absolutely thankful to have been a part of the Department this summer.”
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