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HealthPlan Services (HPS) is the nation’s largest independent provider of sales, benefits administration, retention, reform and technology solutions to the insurance and managed care industries.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, HPS was founded in 1970 and employs 1,500+ associates. HPS stands at the forefront of the insurance industry, providing exchange connectivity, administration, distribution and technology services to insurers of individual, small group, voluntary and association plans, as well as valuable solutions to thousands of brokers and agents, nationwide.

Our Go-To-Exchange® platform combines the services of ExchangeLink, SalesLink, ServiceLink and LoyaltyLink products to enable the connectivity, enrollment, reconciliation, eligibility, subsidy and premium billing, member services and renewals for over 5.0 million members, including 2.4 million members on public exchanges and over 1.2 million members on private exchanges. HPS connects 6 of the nation’s largest insurers to public and state exchanges in 39 states and has a market share of 21%.

HPS’ extensive industry experience, knowledge and proprietary, scalable and innovative technology all come together to provide valuable turn-key solutions for payers and distribution partners that help them


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