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About Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers and Architects

Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects brings people together to practice their craft, to create value, and to accomplish great things. We have gathered more than 700 people together in 15 offices over nine states to build Higher Relationships with our clients, partners, and communities. After 90 years of business, professionals continue to hone their craft with us including civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering; architecture; planning; biology; surveying; mapping; GIS specializations; drone piloting; financial analyses; program management; construction administration and observation; and a growing number of multi-disciplinary specialties.

We seek to create value for a diverse client base, including federal and municipal governments, public transportation agencies, railroad companies, industrial and commercial corporations, and private developers. To accomplish great things, Wilson & Company extends a genuine offer of Higher Relationships to every employee, client, and community we serve.

Whether large or small, Wilson & Company brings a high standard of discipline and doing the job right without exception. Clients see our passion through the intensity we pour into our work and the collaboration it takes from all of us working together. Shared ownership is how we adopt the mission and objective of those we work with as our own. Finally, we create solutions that meet the needs of every problem and do so with the community in mind.
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College intern

May 2019 Omaha, NE
“I like that i learn things that I don’t learn about within my major, and how i was taught to use drafting software that not many people know how to use within my major. I also like how they were willing to teach me everything on the job. ”
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