Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship

About Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship

The Helene & Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship was created in 2005 to promote social change through entrepreneurship. The Center furthers this mission by serving Pace students across all disciplines, social enterprises and nonprofit organizations with education, research, communication, and advisory service.

About the Wilson Center's Summer Funded Internship Program:
The Wilson Center's Summer Funded Internship Program was launched in 2009 and funds up to 15 Pace University students in full-time summer internships with New York social enterprises and nonprofit organizations each year.

For eligibility, students must:
- Be currently enrolled at Pace and graduating from Pace University, December 2022 or later
- Have an interest in human service and/or social enterprise.
- Work full-time for eight consecutive weeks between May and mid-August.
- All majors are eligible, International students are also encouraged to apply.
- Make a 35 hours per week commitment: Total award $5,320 ($19.00/hr)


Early Literacy Intern

June 2020 - July 2020 New York City, NY
“I worked at ExpandED Schools and I am overjoyed with my experience here. I worked as the Early Literacy Intern where I was able to audit all of the children’s books in the inventory and suggest additions for the afterschool curriculum. This task specifically granted me an agency in choosing relevant content for early education. I was allowed to add intersectional literature that simultaneously promoted social and emotional development. Additionally, I was able to lead informational recruitment sessions for the Ready Readers Afterschool programming participation, conduct outreach, and participate in developmental meetings. While supporting the Early Literacy Team I learned mass amounts of information about childhood cognitive development, curriculum building, lesson planning, funding sources, and nonprofit culture. Professionally, the opportunities for growth in ExpandED are vast and the information acquired is transferrable, however, the most rewarding aspect of the internship with ExpandED was the confidence I gained as well as the relationships I have built. I have a network of supporters and colleagues as a result of this opportunity provided to me by the Wilson Center.”

Environmental Education/ Estuary Lab Intern at Hudson River Park Trust

June 2020 - August 2020 New York City, NY
“I worked at Hudson River Park over the summer as an Environmental Education/ Estuary Lab intern funded by The Wilson Center. Given the pandemic I worked remotely and had the opportunity to go conduct field work 1-2x a week, which completed my entire experience here. I created new curriculum for their virtual programs and I was able to advance my skill sets, as I learned how to practice catch and release. Every staff member I worked with made sure I had all resources available, whether remotely or in the office. Tina, Olivia and Toland are passionate individuals who made my experience here one in which I will never forget as I truly was a part of their team. I feel confident to enter the workforce, with all the new skills I gained and the skills I was able to strengthen. ”
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