Who'z the Boss Music Library

About Who'z the Boss Music Library

This is your chance to learn first hand about the television and film licensing business from one of the best music directors in the industry. Started by two music industry veterans, Parker Lee Williams (music director for the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz and Harpo, Productions) and Dave Herrero (world touring blues musician and contributor to the Harpo Sounds music library), Who'z the Boss Music Library is coming to the TV music world with a brand new swag, business model and concept, which includes community outreach. If you want to learn more about the music business, and how business actually gets done in music, drop us a line to see about joining our team of diverse and talented industry professionals!

If you are a composer, music business major, or want to learn the ins and the outs of music supervision, this is the internship for you!

*We work out of the Music / Tech incubator
*Internship is for college credit only


Graphic Designer and Motion Graphics Intern

January 2020 Chicago, IL
“Great team of people to work with. My Employers are absolutely amazing and very helpful in making sure I learn all the skills I can and help with making sure I'm getting the most out of my education. ”

Metadata/Tagging Specialist Intern

September 2019 Chicago, IL
“Dave and Parker are very open about their experiences and share every aspect of what it takes to get a business going as it happens. Your responsibilities are what you make them—of course there are things that need to get done, but if you see something that could be improved or added, you've got an open forum to propose changes and implement them. (Also, sometimes 2112 provides food.)”
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