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How should I approach my academic advisor interview at Whitman College?

Like most interviews you want to have 3 or 4 narrative stories about successes you've had that relate to the job. These stories can pick out a particular aspect of the job or demonstrate a personal strength, such as reliability or problem solving. Practice these stories until you can repeat them ...
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Tips for those interviewing for a Freedom Songs creative director position at Whitman College?

A few ideas I might have: Dress professionally Show up with a vision for the project, even if there is one Know your audience in advance Love activism and music!
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Looking for honest feedback here! What is it really like to work as a resident advisor at Whitman College?

A day in the life of a Resident Advisor includes greeting residents, changing whiteboards, attending meetings, managing budgets, communicating with staff on issues in the building, planning residence hall events, hosting tea times or study breaks, and overall, keeping the residence hall happy and...
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