Whitewater Rescue Institute

About Whitewater Rescue Institute

Founded in 2009, the Whitewater Rescue Institute is a regional leader in technical rescue instruction and environmental spill response to rivers.

Based in Missoula, MT, WRI offers certified courses in ice rescue, high angle rescue, swiftwater rescue, jet boat operations, professional raft guiding and fast water oil spill response.
WRI works with corporations and governmental agencies to develop spill response plans for releases to waterways. In addition WRI responds to environmental emergencies. WRI also conducts trainings for environmental spill response contractors and managers in risk management, oil spill containment and collection strategies utilizing fast water containment boom, boom vanes, current busters, skimmers and much more.



May 2018 Missoula, MT
“Working outside along some of the most beautiful and powerful rivers in the Northwest. Learning and instructing others who share a similar passion for the outdoors and articulating the ways in which we can mitigate risk on the river, especially in rescue situations.”
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