West Edge Opera

Stage Manager

July - August 2019 • Berkeley, CA

What I liked

Working with the illustrious Mark Streshinsky was unbelievable. The singers were so great. Valden and Mel made me happy. Wait is this survey private to mills? West Edge doesn’t need to see this

What I wish was different

There was this other stage manager that was supposed to be training me but she was more interested in one upping me than she was support me. I don’t think I’ll be asked back because of her.


Stay in contact with Valden and the team before rehearsals start and if they don’t tell you how to format something go into the office and ask them to do it with you. I wish they had invited me to do that cause I didn’t know what to expect. It’s a huge learning curve if you’ve never stagemanaged before and even if you have opera was still a huge learning curve for me. The fellow staff was relatively supportive but then need More people of color because while it’s hard for them to recognize that was a big problem that there wasn’t anyone I felt like really looking out for me there. If someone starts yelling at you for not having control of the ship, breathe and do your best. But stand strong when you stand up for yourself
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