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What does the career progression path look like for a teller at Wells Fargo?

A career as a teller is a career in the retail division of the bank. A career in retail looks like this: Teller, Personal Banker, Supporting Manager, Branch Manager, all the way to District Manager, with many positions in between. All companies "hire from within" but you must understand that Well...
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What are some essential qualifications that I should highlight in an interview for a Service Manager II position at Wells Fargo?

Making sound decisions, high level of dealing with dissatisfied clients (upset/angry customers), being able to understand the needs of your team and how you can help them develop. Work very well under extreme pressures, being able to juggle multiple tasks and delegating a task to team members (th...
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What are Wells Fargo interviewers looking for in a summer financial analyst?

In an interview, I would try to highlight any experience you may have in working with and on teams, that was a big factor that helped me get the job. Also, any experience you have in client facing jobs, or financial analysis are both obviously applicable and should be highlighted in your applicat...
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As a Wells Fargo teller, do you work a regular 9-5 schedule? Do you work Saturdays?

This is going to depend on how many hours you work per week and your manager. I was 20hr/week the whole time I worked there but one manager would schedule me for closer to 35, while my second manager kept me strictly at 20. Your schedule won't be consistent since the bank is open 6 days per week,...
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What does a Wells Fargo Business Analyst do?

I like to describe my job as a technology translator. There are basically two ways a business analyst can go at WF. You can work on a agile or waterfall team (different work methodologies). If you work on an agile team it is because you have one large work effort you are on. In this job you are t...
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What should I know before an interview at Wells Fargo for a Business Analyst position? Was there anything that threw you off guard when you interviewed?

Be yourself, the interview was easy. As long as you answer confidently there should be no issue. Make sure you do your research, know what a 'requirement' is and a 'BRD'. I didn't know this before my interview so no worries. They don't need prior experience, they just need validation you can do t...
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