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Small liberal arts college in upstate ny


Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computational Biochemistry

July 2020 Aurora, NY
“I like everything about the research project. Working in the lab with enzyme and yeast was exciting. The goal of the research was to investigate how mutations in the Succinyl-CoA synthetase are detrimental to mitochondrial function and how these mutations lead to Leigh Syndrome. Mitochondria have many functions within a cell, with the most widely known function being energy production. Mutations in mitochondrial proteins have detrimental effects on energy-demanding tissues, like the heart and brain, and can give rise to multiple conditions, including Leigh Syndrome. To date mutations in about eight different proteins have been associated with the development of Leigh Syndrome. Children with Leigh Syndrome present initially with febrile illness or an infection that is difficult to control. Pharmacological agents used to treat this disease are only in the initial phases of drug trials and dietary interventions are not targeted to treat specific mitochondrial dysfunctions.”

Elementary School Teacher Intern

May 2019 - June 2019 Huntington Park, CA
“I enjoyed working with kids from the same elementary school that I attended and teaching them new skills in art.”
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