Wediko Children's Services

Direct Care/Archery Instructor

July - August 2017 • Hillsborough, NH

What I liked

I loved forming bonds with the children and feeling like I was making a big difference in their lives. I also liked how thorough the training at the beginning of the summer was. I met a lot of great people through this experience.

What I wish was different

I wish I hadn't had to pay for hotels on my days off, as I was making such little money to begin with. I also wish my supervisor had been more supportive. In general, I felt like my support system isn't what the program had made it out to be.


This job is INTENSE. I was working 14-hour days with very few breaks and very little sleep. You need to find ways to take care of yourself so that you are able to give the job your full potential. Additionally, having a good supervisor can really make or break your experience. Make sure you are seeking out support as much as you can!
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