Wedding Salon

Production Intern

January - May 2022 • New York City, NY

What I liked

The internship has taught me to be more proactive and prepared when it comes to decision-making. The remote work environment and slow communication suggested that, if I want to perform my job punctually and efficiently, sometimes I need to decide on my own what is acceptable and what is not based on my general understanding of the task requirements and the supervisor's expectations. My takeaway is that autonomy is very important for a company's productivity, efficiency, and sometimes, success. If upper management is able to transfer their vision onto its employees and interns, with their intellectual diversity, employees should be granted empowerment so that they can make the best decision for the company without wasting time on waiting for approval, clarification, and so forth. If employees understand the company enough and is given autonomy, they can help produce success for the company by making better decisions more timely.

What I wish was different

My internship with Wedding Salon was probably not the best internship because of many reasons. Remote working environment was not ideal to me because it prevented me from being a part of the company's community. Without a sense of belonging, Wedding Salon's core values, principles, system, and so on, were all vague to me, which sometimes makes work meaningless and bland. As an Event Production Intern, I expected more in-person, hands-on experience in which I would get to plan, produce, and manage real events. However, since the company is fully remote, event production experience was limited to mainly data gathering and sorting, which was not an area of interest for me. Furthermore, being a small and centralized organization, communication among managers and employees was abrupt and inefficient, leading to frustration while working.


Be proactive and decisive when it comes to decision-making.
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