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WEB 'n RETAIL (Viral Music Marketing & PR)
Web 'n Retail is the online music marketing and social media marketing division of Rock 'n Retail. A pioneer in viral music marketing, in 1994 Web 'n Retail (a.k.a. Web and Retail) launched the second CD store ever online, coupled with their music reality show "Rock the Strip". The site was hosted by Nina Blackwood (MTV) and was the first Billboard chart reporter ever, for online sales. Web 'n Retail mirrors the strength and programs that Rock 'n Retail built for traditional retail to drive traffic to retail but specifically online. The division's music marketing services include: Video Marketing Services, PR Services, Social Media Services, SEO Services, Viral Blogging, Mobile App Blogging, eBlasts and Music Licensing services. Web 'n Retail has been responsible for over 250 music marketing campaigns for events, record labels, independent artists, DVDs, music distributors, mobile Apps, websites, motivational speakers and more.


Project Coordinator/Intern

October 2021 Oxnard, CA
“Very hands-on work, detailed training, and very friendly staff! You work directly with the Project Managers as you start the internship, and they patiently teach you everything you need to know to work at Web 'n Retail. Questions are always welcomed, and the work is not mail room type work. Highly suggest this internship if you are looking to learn more about music marketing and PR! ”

Project Coordinator

May 2018 Oxnard, CA
“My supervisor was great at teaching me. The experience was much more than doing work that my superior didn't want to do and getting coffee for everyone. My boss (also the company president) was dedicated to teaching me every aspect of her music marketing business and I was able to learn a lot about press releases, blogs, customer relations, writing reports, and getting independent musicians more audience and streams.”
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