Washington West Film Festival

About Washington West Film Festival

Wanting to bring together the worlds of film and philanthropy, Brad Russell founded the Washington West Film Festival in 2011. Washington West originated from his idea that a world class film festival could bring some of the best new films to greater Washington, DC, and could create inspiring stories rather than just watch them.

Though other industry leaders questioned if the model was sustainable, Brad believed the festival could thrive even if all box office funds were given to communities in need. Seven festivals later, Washington West is growing faster than ever!

Washington West was designed as a sort of laboratory, to test the belief that one great story can lead to another. As we give away 100% of our annual box office net proceeds to aiding communities in various ways, that’s exactly what we believe we’re experiencing. While our screenings, partners, and audiences increase, we at Washington West have the thrill of connecting and collaborating with our growing community.

Welcome to Washington West.



September 2019 Reston, VA
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