Washington University of the District of Columbia

About Washington University of the District of Columbia

Washington University of the District of Columbia (WUDC) is a liberal arts college with a historic campus. The campus covers an area of 65 acres, and is located in Lanham, Maryland, 13 miles from the White House. The campus is centrally located among many other excellent universities including, 5 miles from the University of Maryland and 11 miles from Georgetown University. WUDC, housed on the former campus of the Washington Bible College, is a multi-denominational, and multi-ethnic educational community dedicated to preparing students for local and worldwide service to society and humanity. The educational climate emphasizes Liberal Arts content and its applications, academic excellence, intellectual and spiritual maturity, leadership development, and the ability to function as productive members of a multi-cultural society. Therefore, the campus cherishes its longtime connections to religious culture, solemn and peaceful architecture and humanistic style.


Research assistant

October 2018 - April 2019 Washington, DC
“Getting exposed to research techniques and the all the applicable professional behavior involve especially working with human subjects. ”
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