Washington International Trade Association

About Washington International Trade Association

The Washington International Trade Association (WITA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to providing a neutral forum in the nation’s capital for the open and robust discussion of international trade policy and related issues. WITA is widely considered Washington’s premier trade forum.

WITA keeps its members informed through an extensive series of programs and special events (such as our Annual Awards Dinner and Congressional Trade Agenda program) that focus on the latest positions taken by the Administration and Congress on trade policy, rules and regulations governing international trade, views of US trade policy from abroad, current issues in trade, and the latest developments in the ever-changing trade landscape.



May 2018 - August 2018 Washington, DC
“On a daily basis, I enjoyed working with the five other interns. We all came in with various interests and prior skill which made it fun to learn from each other and take on different tasks. Having this sort of community encouraged professional growth: we talked about career paths and other academic opportunities while tapping into each other’s networks. I also liked being busy from 9-5. My internship last summer lacked content and tasks for me to do. Friends working on the hill or in other offices this summer have a similar experience. I feel that the hands-on approach here makes it easier to learn quickly and grow professionally.”
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