Washington DC Police Foundation

Metropolitan police department intern

August - December 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

I liked the people at the department. I think a lot of people judge the men and women who decide to do this profession. But, when you get a chance to talk to them and hear about their experiences as a police officer you begin to understand that these people are human just like me. It was an overall great experience

What I wish was different

I wish I would of got into this internship earlier then when I did. I had more time in my schedule as a sophomore and junior then I have as a graduating senior in my last semester. However, life a marathon and I’m glad to have gotten the opportunity to get in when did and get this experience.


I would say “try”. Even if it looks like you can not get it or do not have time to do it. I would say “try it” because you never no what opportunities are going to come out of this.
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