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Warrior Trading offers day trading tools including Warrior Scans, Warrior Charts & the Warrior Starter & Wariror Pro trading courses by Ross Cameron.

Warrior Trading was founded in 2012 by Ross Cameron. Ross is a day trader best known for turning $583.15 into over $10 million. His results trading are NOT typical. Ross is not your average trader. He created Warrior Trading as a blog in 2012 to write about his experience of learning how to day trade and to create an archive of resources related to day trading. By 2014, there were so many visitors to the website Ross opened a chat room for visitors to openly discuss day trading.

In 2014, Ross also began teaching the first edition of his Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro day trading courses. Later, in 2015, Ross published "How to Day Trade". It became a best seller in it's genre and has a 4.5/5 star rating.

At the end of 2016, traders began asking Ross whether or not his strategies could be used with a small account. Ross accepted the challenge and funded a brand new trading account with $583.15. He began the challenge in January 2017.

Ross followed the trading plan he created in Chapter 14 of the Warrior Pro course. He focused on 1-2 trades per day on stocks between $2-20, with floats of under 20 million shares and that were up at least 10%. In 45 days, the account grew to over $100k. By the end of 2017, the account was at $335k in profit. In May of 2019, he crossed over $1 million, and by December of 2022, he was over $10 million. Reminder, Ross's results trading are NOT typical.

Throughout the challenge, Ross provided market commentary and daily recaps to students at Warrior Trading. He also invested in building custom stock scanners, charts, and news feeds.

Ross continues trading daily and has now given several of his students the opportunity to begin providing their own classes and offering mentoring.

If you're interested in trading, come check out Warrior Trading.

Warrior Trading offers custom stock scanners, charting, and news services designed for active day traders.

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SEO and Marketing Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Woodland, CA
“Not only did I learn SEO skills to boost the domain authority of the site increasing sales, I also learned how to become a profitable trader. As an intern I enjoyed the culture of this fast-growing start up and developed better interpersonal skills. Most importantly I made great everlasting connections.”
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