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Is there a lot of in person interaction as a financial advisor at Voya Financial? What's the day in the life like?

A day in the life of an advisor is starting by reading up on the overnight markets and getting handle on what’s happening with the day ahead. That way if I need to talk to clients before the market opens I can start that process. It also helps me to stay on top of any conversations from clients w...
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How would you describe the progression of your work-life balance as a Financial Adviser with Voya Financial?

The work life balance early on isn’t great. It takes a lot of hours and days to get a business up and running, and even though I was with a company it’s very entrepreneurial. I typically worked 13 days in a row before giving myself a full day to recharge. most weekend days were half days, though ...
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Any former interns at Voya Financial that can lend me a hand, I need interview tips for their Financial Reporting role. Any help is welcomed!

For any intern, most companies know that although you've taken accounting courses, you probably know very little about what the job entails. There will be training and guidance. That being said, Voya (and really all companies hiring accounting interns) want someone that is quick, motivated to lea...
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What is the change in compensation between an undergrad and a graduate student at Voya Financial?

As an undergraduate student in 2016, I was paid $15 an hour, but the graduate students were paid $24 an hour.
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