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Voya Financial is a group of premier retirement, investment and insurance companies with 225,000 points of distribution and approximately $524 billion in total AUM and AUA as of 12/31/14. We’re dedicated to making a secure financial future possible for all Americans. And, we have the experience, resources and commitment to help you grow your business.

While each of our businesses is solid on its own, it’s the power of Retirement Solutions, Investment Management, and Insurance Solutions all coming together that makes Voya a financial force to be reckoned with.


Actuarial Intern

May 2022 Boone, NC
“I've loved every moment working with Voya! Voya's company initiatives provide ample inclusive opportunities to explore an individuals work through many projects. One thing I really respect about Voya was something said during one of our Employee Led Committee meetings. An individual spoke about how they have Multiple Scleroses and how they would have to go on walks due to the disability, and unfortunately that would impact their work output, so what does Voya do? Voya gets them a treadmill so that they can walk and still work at the same time - allowing this individual the same opportunities towards advancements and work output as an individual who can normally work from home and not have to walk do to a disability. By beginning these conversations they are breaking the gap between individuals with disabilities being able to work and not feel any different than their co-workers. All of this while also acknowledging the reality that some individuals are capable of achieving great success when given the same conditions as someone in better health. Voya is the most disability friendly, inclusive and diverse company I have ever worked for. ”

Sales Intern (Financial Services)

June 2022 - August 2022 Atlanta, GA
“I thoroughly enjoyed the work environment as well as the people who made it rewarding to come to work. ”
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Questions & Answers

Is there a lot of in person interaction as a financial advisor at Voya Financial? What's the day in the life like?

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How would you describe the progression of your work-life balance as a Financial Adviser with Voya Financial?

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Any former interns at Voya Financial that can lend me a hand, I need interview tips for their Financial Reporting role. Any help is welcomed!

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