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Company Overview:
Vous Vitamin is a personalized nutrition company set on simplifying supplement selection for consumers. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Romy Block, an endocrinologist, and Dr. Arielle Levitan, an internist, Vous Vitamin was created to address the massive confusion, wasteful spending, and dangerous behaviors around supplements that these physicians and close friends observed within their practices. Patients’ needs were not being met adequately with off-the-shelf formulas because there is not a single product that will work for a range of people with different diets, family histories, and lifestyles.
Vous Vitamin uses personalization technology to assign a multivitamin formula to an individual based on lifestyle data. The physician-founders did extensive research and product development to design an all-natural, customized supplement product that better reflects the unique needs of specific individuals. Drs. Block and Levitan used decades of medical training and in-field expertise in Endocrinology, Metabolsim, and Preventative Health to architect the Vous Vitamin system. We also enable our consumers to match their personalized daily multivitamin with situational supplements that are meant for periodic and specific use in areas like energy (Power Up™), immunity (Immune Blast™), and recovery from alcohol consumption (Recovery Act™).
The public reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Vous Vitamin has built an initial fan base of dedicated subscribers, with some subscribers consistently taking the vitamins for more than 5 years and providing strong testimonials to their impact on health. The co-founders are two of the most highly cited experts on the intersection of vitamin use and medicine in the media. Vous Vitamin has received coverage from sources, such as CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, Reader’s Digest, FamilyCircle, and others. Vous Vitamin has a strong commitment to educating its subscribers on evidence-based vitamin use and health with more than 100+ physician-authored articles by the company as well as the award-winning book, “The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health.”
The vitamin industry is ripe for change as consumers seek out personalized nutrition solutions. In the U.S., greater than $50 billion is spent on nutritional supplements and the industry is growing 6-7% per year. Nearly $7.5 billion is spent on multivitamins alone, and the established brands follow an outdated playbook of selling standardized formulas (“For Men,” “For Women”) through retail channels that require consumers to sort through the sundry of options.
Internship Overview:
Vous Vitamin is looking for an intern to support General Management activities. The intern will get broad-based exposure to the start-up operations, and will contribute in meaningful ways to advancing the business objectives. The intern will work closely with the COO of the company on a range of activities, such as strategic planning, infrastructure development, and process improvement to ensure continued growth of the subscriber base and achieving key milestones on the path to the next capital fundraising event. Example projects may include:
 Vitamin Personalization Engine Development: Contribute research expertise and analytical skills to the collection and analysis of nutritional studies to support the robustness of the personalization engine behind Vous’ technology stack.
 Investor Communication: Work on key pieces of prospective investor materials such an investor presentation deck to assist with capital fundraising.
 Marketing Strategy: Engage in design and execution of marketing campaigns with targeted constituencies to raise awareness of personalized vitamins and the Vous solution set.
 Competitor Research: Track and analyze key components of competitor business models and activities in the marketplace.
Project work will be jointly identified with the intern and scoped to effectively maximize the intern’s existing skill set and personal growth objectives.
Required Experience:
Prospective candidates should have a strong interest in personalized nutrition and entrepreneurship. Candidates should have excellent communication skills and desire to further build on their analytical skills. We encourage applications from students with a variety of majors and interests, and demonstrated track record of work success and aptitude for rapid learning.
Work Setting:
Internship will be hosted virtually.
For more information, please contact:
Brad Helfand
COO, Vous Vitamin
M: 312.550.1129


Marketing Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
“Boss was great with communication; tasks assigned were actually relevant to the company's progress.”
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