Volunteer Eco Students Abroad

About Volunteer Eco Students Abroad

Since 2009 Volunteer Eco Students Abroad has brought together volunteers and rural communities to deliver valuable short term construction, conservation and education programs that work to achieve long term sustainable solutions to the social and environmental issues these communities face.

VESA takes volunteers to either the Amazon, Africa, SE Asia or Fiji on two week programs. The first week is spent volunteering; teaching English at local village schools, building houses and bathrooms, working with cheetahs or crocodiles or even at a remote elephant sanctuary, depending on your choice of program. The second week is all about seeing your host country!

Trek and white water raft in the Amazon , island hop in tropical Fijian paradise, encounter the amazing wildlife on an African safari, or embark on a cultural adventure tour through South East Asia!

Join us this year in making a difference, and change your life by changing someone else's.



May 2019 - June 2019 St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal
“I loved the experience that it provided me! While it was an unpaid volunteer position I gained so much more than I have with any other experience before!”

VESA Volunteer

June 2019 - June 2019 Tena, Napo Province
“Through Volunteer Eco Students Abroad, I was able to carry out volunteer work beside new friends while exploring Ecuador. We built toilet blocks and dug septic tanks for the families in town whose children attend school nearby. I liked that our work truly had an impact; these septic tanks will be a long-term solution for the community. We also got to interact with the students, who only spoke Spanish. During the second week, we hiked in the Amazon jungle and explored nearby towns.”
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