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About VitroLabs Inc

VitroLabs, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Milpitas California, is a biotech company developing a scalable tissue engineering platform for the efficient and environmentally friendly production of leather from only a few cells. Combining advanced tissue engineering processes with proprietary advances to achieve commercial scale, VitroLabs is on a mission to produce cell cultivated leather that achieves the look, feel and performance of traditional leather without compromise. The composition of the material achieves the complexity of traditional hides without the need to go to animals as an ongoing source of hides. The process is more environmentally sustainable and favorable for animal welfare than that which is used to produce traditional leather.

Here at VitroLabs, we believe that nurturing a team of unique thinkers is critical to accomplishing our bold mission. Our team is made up of scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, organizational masterminds, former architects and teachers, DDR champions, amateur painters, and everything in between. But collectively, we are advocates for a world in which science is used responsibly to provide a positive impact for business, the planet, and all living things.


Research Associate

August 2019 San Jose, CA
“VitroLabs has been a great place to work so far, and I'm excited to see where it goes - There's a very open hierarchy; all the C-suites are super approachable and nice to talk to - Everyone is very friendly and open. We spend a lot of time together over company happy hours, paid lunches MWF, and on our own time - Everyone is open to new ideas. What we're doing here is brand new and there's a lot of new avenues to take - There's a lot of opportunity for growth with the company. - You get ownership over your projects and objectives - Good benefits: health, dental, and vision insurance, unlimited PTO, lunch MWF, lots of snacks in the office, office outings, etc.”
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