Vision 13

About Vision 13

Vision 13 is a Minnesota headquartered Emerging Technology Research and Development company. With world class experience in emerging technology, VIsion 13 is continuing to lead cutting edge research and development in a number of high growth markets.
AI/VR/Quantum/3D Printing/Biotechnology/Fintech
Business and Software Development Interns will learn how to conceptualize, design and build Software applications, peripheral robotic devices, supporting software and embedded systems. You will additionally work on conceptualizing and executing local and international sales campaigns.

Internships are done remotely wherever you choose to live. Working remotely is a great option for students that are responsible enough to work diligently. This internship is not for those who will not be 100% committed. Full time (40 hr/wk) and part time (20 hr/wk) options.


Software Engineer Intern

September 2020 - November 2020 Michigan City, IN
“I did not like it at all maybe just the title of software engineer sounded cool”
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