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What does it take to succeed as an employee at Visa?

Succeeding at Visa also varies depending on what department. In the Technology sector that I worked in, you need to finish your work efficiently and correctly. In other sectors, this is, of course, important, however the amount of interaction you do with team members varies amongst departments,...
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For those that have worked at Visa, how did it contribute to your professional growth?

Working at Visa gave me insight into a small company that has such a large scale presence. It’s a fairly lean company with only around 14,000 employees considering the global influence it has. It made me realize and learn about intense caution and responsibility that comes with many people relyin...
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How does Visa stand out from its main competitors?

Visa has an incredible work environment and is doing major research currently into Block Chain. It’s also a very modern company and has the largest network of any other company in its industry (yes bigger than MasterCard).
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What is the company culture like at Visa?

Visa’s work culture is inclusive and super flexible. A lot of people live far away and would only be in the office around 6 hours a day and work a lot from home. Everyone was very flexible with scheduling and worked very hard to have good communication with each other. It was a relaxed and primit...
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Heading into this interview for a network processing intern role at Visa, how can I be prepared?

Preparing for an interview for a Network Processing internship at Visa is similar to those that I had for any other position. Know about the company and be able to talk logistics. They are interested in seeing how fast you can learn the Visa network and want to know you're capable to do such.
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How can I prepare myself for an interview for a business systems analyst intern position at Visa?

Visa has a variety of teams and hence a role of business systems analyst would very from one team to another. To best prepare for the same, first and foremost thing to do is understand the job description perfectly and ask questions on your initial interview rounds. Next you can practice around b...
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What's a day in the life like for someone who's a network processing intern at Visa?

A day in the life varies. Whether you have all day meetings or no meetings at all, you should be interacting with your fellow interns and dipping your toes in as much as you can to immerse yourself into Visa.
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What would a day in the life of a business systems analyst intern look like at Visa?

For me, it looked like lined up meetings with business and IT folks as well as external vendors; organizing follow up meetings with the team to have their input on ongoing and prospective project and driving the project from technology and business point of view. Essentially, you are the person t...
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I've secured an interview at Visa for a software engineer position! What should I know going into it?

In India, a lot of companies visit campuses of top engineering colleges to recruit students. Visa was a first week company at my undergraduate university. The recruitment process had the following stages: - Coding Test This was a test on the hackerrank website and consisted of 4 coding questions...
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Anyone willing to share what a day in the life of a software engineer at Visa may look like?

Technology wise, Visa is a relatively conservative company with a "Don't fix what ain't broke." attitude, or that's what I made of my time there. Also since Visa is a huge company already, most of the work was incremental and involved making small changes. Things would probably be different at on...
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