Virtual Service Operations (VSO)

About Virtual Service Operations (VSO)

Virtual Service Operations, LLC (VSO) is a hybrid cloud consulting firm delivering excellent white gloved IT options to our clients everything from switching & routing to managed services. VSO provides top notch services based on our First Principles one of which is: We are Performance Culture. With a culture promoting high-quality and ever-developing performance, VSO boasts a strong career advancement program. VSO’s career advancement program offers a mix of hands-on mentoring, a competency-based approach to professional development, flexible career paths, training and professional certification achievement. VSO takes great pride in the quality of our workforce and believe that superb technical and business leadership is best built through a combination of broad work experiences, training, certification, and strong mentoring relationships.

When employees have a clear understanding of expectations, they are better equipped to do their jobs. We have created a set of clearly defined competencies that make for a successful VSO employee: leadership, problem solving, relationship building, technical prowess, teamwork and communication. The competencies describe the knowledge, skills and approaches to technical leadership and business development that we expect our employees to have and apply at different stages in their careers.

Additionally, VSO offers a flexible career path structure—associate, mid-level, senior —that promotes employee development on a more individualized basis. In order to enhance retention, and to avoid any stigma relating to the pace of promotion, we have a flexible timeline for promotion from associate to senior and/or from Technical to Business tracks.

We are committed to recruiting, retaining, developing and promoting the best talent in the industry. Accordingly, the total compensation package for VSO roles is highly competitive in the industry. Our model is performance-based so that an individual’s skill level and contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Our career advancement program is an investment in the professional development of our number one resource—our employees. The quality of our employees is what will continue to set us apart. We are focused on each employee developing to be his or her best. This allows us to compete for and retain clients who recognize the exceptional quality of our substantive work and service, and who continue to bring us the challenging projects that make working at VSO exciting and rewarding.


PUA Business Analyst

June 2020 - July 2020 New York City, NY
“I loved how friendly and encouraging my coworkers were, as well as the opportunity to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York. I liked feeling like I made a difference in someone's life. The hours and pay were also exceptional, and the training for the position was extremely thorough.”

Business Analyst

June 2020 - July 2020 Dallas, TX
“It was remote”
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