Virginia Army National Guard


February 2014 • Farmville, VA

What I liked

The training the Army provided me, through team and individual tactical movements gave me a foundation to build upon later in my career. Along with the training value, the brotherhood I have grown with my fellow troops also serves as a reminder that I am never alone, they men I serve with will always be a support system for me through the thick and thin.

What I wish was different

If anyone knows anything about the military or the infantry specifically, it is that comfort is a luxury. While I could easily say I wish things had been easier for me, whether that be more time sleeping in before training or better meals provided during our time on base, it wouldn't be the same without those difficulties.


Serving in the military is something that can only be described through personal experience. We all have a roll in the greater good of this great country, but being apart of something bigger than yourself is an aspect of my job I will forever cherish.
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